Face Coverings

  • All persons in the building must wear a mask or face covering at all times covering both their nose and mouth.

Social Distancing

  • Everyone must maintain a minimum of 6ft distance from all other persons who are not in the same household.
  • All students must come with a partner or dance solo.
  • Instructors are not able to dance with students.
  • No one, outside of the instructor and the couple taking a lesson, will be permitted in the studio.

Lesson Policies

  • Lessons will begin on the hour and last 45 minutes. Students must leave immediately after lesson.
  • Students may enter the building no more than 5 minutes prior to their lesson start time – please wait in your car if you arrive early.
  • All clients must have a credit card on file prior to entering the studio and all booking will occur via our online booking system, phone or email.
  • All dancers and instructors must wash their hands before and after their lesson.

Other Policies

  • Please avoid touching anything that is not absolutely necessary.
  • Plastic folding chairs will be available, and regularly sanitized, for changing shoes. All other furniture will be unavailable for seating.
  • A water fountain is available on site but can only be used to refill a water bottle you bring to the studio.
  • Doorknobs, chairs, and other frequently touched spaces will be wiped down with disposable sanitizing products between each lesson.