Watertown Wednesday: Operation American Soldier

Every week we put the spotlight on someone awesome in the Watertown community who is doing amazing things. We love that our community is filled with stars! If you would like to be featured or know someone who should be, please complete this form. Check out this week’s Watertown Wednesday star: Operation American Soldier! American soldiers … Continued

October 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Events Free Friday 10/25/19 7:00pm – 8:00pm Now’s the time to learn to dance! Sign up for a FREE dance class on Friday 10/25. You’ll learn the basics of tango and swing in just an hour! No partner or experience necessary. Sign up by calling 313-288-2784 or emailing info@ballroominboston.com. Space is limited, so grab … Continued

The Best Time For Your First Dance

Between dinner, speeches and endless formalities, there’s a lot going on during your wedding reception. So, where does the first dance fit in? The best time to hit the dance floor is at the beginning of the night! While your guests take their seats, you’ll have time to freshen up. You’ll want to adjust your … Continued

Preparing Your Wedding Party For A Group Dance

A choreographed dance that includes your entire wedding party is a great way to kick off your reception. It creates a fun atmosphere that will surprise your guests and get them excited for the celebration ahead. The routines are typically upbeat with a fast paced and fun song choice. We’ve seen groups dance to music … Continued

Award Season

We are overwhelmed with the amount of recognition we’ve received over the last few months! It all began with the Expertise Award that we won at the end of May… EXPERTISE AWARD: BEST DANCE TEACHERS IN BOSTON Expertise.com is a national service that highlights the top experts in any given profession. They provide their readers … Continued

Make Your Parent Dance Special

Planning a wedding is time consuming and tedious. It’s no wonder parent dances often end up low on the to-do list. However, it isn’t just a dance. It’s a moment your parents have been thinking about since you were a child. So, make it special! Photography Credit: April K Photography Allow the performance to highlight the … Continued

Dress To Impress For Your First Dance

You dance your best when you look and feel your best. So, let’s make you look great and feel comfortable during your first dance! Photography Credit: Bharat Parmar Photography As a bride, there are a few things you can do before the big day arrives. First and foremost, make sure you and a bridesmaids practice bustling … Continued

How To Choose A Song For Your First Dance

Music has the power to elicit emotion. So, when choosing a first dance song, think about what feelings you’d like to evoke and the tone you’d like to set. Photography Credit: Hillary Maybery Photography Do you want it to be peaceful and romantic or do you want it to be lively and fun? Of course, … Continued

What Is The Best First Dance Style For Your Wedding Day?

There are several different ballroom dance styles out there. Watching just one episode of “Dancing with the Stars” will tell you that. The question is, what is the best style for your wedding day? Photography Credit: Leise Jones Photography The answer depends on the music that you choose. The Foxtrot, for example, works best with … Continued

Meet the Faces of Ballroom In Boston

What makes a great dance studio? The people in it of course! We at Ballroom in Boston take great pride in providing a bright, happy and fun place for anyone and everyone to come and practice the art of dance. Our staff naturally creates this welcoming atmosphere because we truly love meeting new people and … Continued