Guest Blogger: Dancing with the Watertown Stars 2018

My Experience at “Dancing with the Watertown Stars” By: Jan “Lively” Taylor Wow, what a weekend! If we are connected on social media, you may know that this past Friday, I was a contestant on “Dancing with the Watertown Stars“. And if we are connected on social media, you also may know that I had the … Continued

Top 10 Reasons Couples Should Dance Together

1. IT HELPS YOU LEARN ABOUT EACH OTHER: You learn a lot about a person when they’re learning something new. When you and your partner take on a new hobby you’ll see a side of them that you’ve never seen before. 2. IT BREAKS UP A MONOTONOUS WEEK: Dancing is an exciting and fun thing … Continued

Rock The Dance Floor At Your Holiday Party

It’s the holiday season and it’s time to dance! If you’re worried about hitting the dance floor in front of your colleagues and friends, then we have some advice for you… Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many dance moves. Instead, we recommend you focus on two simple dances that will keep you covered all night … Continued

How do people usually learn to dance?

Most people take private instruction and attend group classes. Private lessons are the best way to learn because ballroom dancing involves working with a partner. It is not strictly imitative; you can’t just copy someone. How to dance with another person and create a commanding, consistent lead or a responsive, graceful follow requires personal instruction. … Continued

How much do lessons cost?

You can get started dancing for as little as $40. As with any hobby or sport, there are many different levels of participation. Dancing can be relatively inexpensive. Of course, more serious dancers could invest as much as they choose.

What are your hours?

We are open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm. Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience within that time frame. Group classes are scheduled on weekday evenings and weekend mornings and afternoons.

What do I wear for my lessons?

We recommend you dress comfortably and avoid close-fitting clothing. As for footwear, avoid shoes that may slip off, as well as sneakers–they tend to stick to the floor.

How long will it take to be a good dancer?

Although you will be dancing on your very first lesson, there are many factors that determine how long it will take to be good: your natural ability; frequency and consistency of lessons; and how much you practice. Learning to dance is easy, but to be able to dance smoothly and comfortably takes a little more … Continued